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Khun Wisan Sinthunont managing director of Sinthusate Co., Ltd. said that “It is an intention to plant the oil palm integratedly with creative vision”

Operating the business with morality and ethics to be the one … in the customers’ mind. Proving the best quality of oil palm breeding which give high percent of oil and production quantity. We concern on the national benefits. Do not want us to lose the revenue we should gain. It can be reasonably proved that such revenue that we lose can be several ten thousand million Baht. We need every party to open their minds to accept that fact and to promote a plantation of current best oil palm breeding. Dare to change. Forget about it is mine, it is yours. Move forward to gain the best benefit and maximum return for every inch we planted. Save your time by choosing the best breeding seeds for fast and efficient development as well as enhancing the real oil palm plantation. Make ourselves in the magnificent position of palm planters globally.

It deems to be a great opportunity for Thai oil palm growers

To drive strategy of palm planting efficiently with best palm seeds that leads to sustainable agriculture. Give higher return that is 10,000 Baht per Rai more comparing to the original (normal) one. The farmers will be successful and have a bright future.

In order to clarify said three sentences

  1. Best oil palm breeding refers to Compact Oil Palm Breeding which is the current innovation in oil palm world. It is the breeding that Sintusate Co., Ltd. has imported in 2002 and started the experimental and pilot farms on August 2004. Currently, there is 7 years and 3 months by now. We have done the follow up on the productivity and count on fruit cluster. It appears that the number is higher than other breeding which have been grown in the experimental farms. From 2009-2010, palm cluster were analyzed for totally 12 times to find the oil percentage comparing to other breeding. In the mid-2011, the height of the palm branches, the length of the leaves and the weight of the fruit cluster were measured comparing to other high quality breeding. From 50 trees and 50 clusters averagely for each breeding, Compact has 55-60 cm shorter for the braches’ length, 15-20 cm shorter for the trees’ height and over 2 kg weight. Such two comparable breeding were grown in the same area at the same time with the same fertilizer and nursing method with no irrigation situated at Village No. 1, Nakhao Sub-district, Khao Panom District, Krabi Province. For 27 years experiences in palm business, we do guarantee that it is the best breeding.

  2. Return refers to from the starting point to flowering period to oil fruit and to the end point as crude palm oil (CPO), a process of extracting oil from the flesh of the palm fruit.

  1. More than original (normal) original (normal) means the average yield of general breeding which are grown in the same land

Comparing between growing general oil palm breeding with Compact breeding on the normal land, the compact will give more benefit. (More than 10,000 baht per rai per year)

*Currently, we will get averagely 17%-19% of oil extracted from the fruit which generating from general breeding planted on normal land. However, we will use 19% of oil extracted as well as the average yield per rai of 3,000 Kg. to calculate the return.

In one year the return per rai in the form of crude palm oil (CPO) is 3,000 Kg x 19%= 570 kg.

Currently, price of crude palm oil (CPO) is 31 Baht/Kg. the return in form of cash is 570x31 = 17,670 Baht

Expenses per rai (at the rate approximately 2.10 baht per Kg.) of yearly production = 3,000x 2.10 = 6,300 baht

Yearly return per rai for growing general breeding after expenses will be 17,670-6,300= 11,370 Baht

*For Compact Oil Palm Breeding, with the researches from 2 governmental institutes and 12 experiments from private factories, it gives high percentage of oil production which is higher than 32%. For the calculation, we use 32 % deducting with loss during the extraction 32x.87 = 27.84%.We will use 25% to calculate the return. The production of compact breeding by growing 28 trees per rai will be increase from 3,000 kg to 3,000x28/22 = 3,818 kg.

The yearly return per rai in form of crude palm oil (CPO) is 3,818 kg. x 25% = 954.50 kg.

Currently, price of crude palm oil (CPO) is 31 Baht/Kg. the return in form of cash is 954.50x31 = 29,589.50 Baht

Expenses per rai (at the rate approximately 2.00 baht per Kg.) of yearly production = 3,818x 2.00 = 7,636.00 baht

Yearly return per rai for growing general breeding after expenses will be 29,589.50-7,636= 21,953.50 Baht

In conclusion, growing on the general land, Compact breeding will give higher return (comparing with other breeding) by 21,953.50-11,370= 10,583.50 Baht (Ten thousand five hundred and eighty- three baht fifty satang)

Currently, there are 4,000,000 rai of palm planting in Thailand. If we grow palm using compact breeding, we will increase the revenue by 4,000,000 x 10,583.50 = 42,334,000,000 Baht

1 Rai can grow 28 palm trees. With Compact breeding, we get higher return by 10,583.50 Baht/year

1 Compact breeding will give the higher return by 10,583.50/28 = 378 Baht (377.98 Baht) per year

With Compact breeding, each tree can gain higher return by 378 Baht/year

The result from such calculation is the average number, so it can be varied. Our main objective is to stimulate, promote and acknowledge the important of selecting the good breeding (all are Tenera) which can give different return; however, Compact will be better than other breeding as it gives higher percent of oil and yield. Other advantages of Compact are strong stem, many trunks, slow increase in height, and 35 years age cycle for harvesting. In addition, it is labor-saving when comparing to other. Its fruit cluster is big and weight more than 25 kg. when it is mature. Like other breeding, this breeding can be grown in any parts of Thailand and the productions are not different, however, it needs irrigation system in dry season (except southern Thailand- from Chumporn downward.) It is not recommended to invest in the palm plantation on the area that the soil is dry and no rain for three months as well as the area that have no irrigation system. As we can say “we are 99 % success with good breeding and good location”

Currently, Sintusate Co., Ltd. has compact breeding which approximately 3,000 seeds were firstly grown in August 2004. Now, they are 7 years and 3 months old. You are welcome to visit our experimental farm. Please contract Mr. Wisan Sinthunont, tel. 081-8948222.

Even though the social cost of each person are different (such as age, social status, seniority, education, trusty, and creativity), it cannot be an indicator for good quality breeding.

Up to present, the analyses on the percentage of oil extraction in the lab have been conducted for more than 40 times and more than 40 samples. It is the indicator for good quality breeding, only if its result turned out to be true.

In the short time, the farmers will acknowledge the unique qualification of Compact breeding as the sprouts just have been launched to them 2 years ago.

The farmer must be cautious, make a decision by themselves, and do not depend on other, so they will not make a big mistake that cannot be solved. It means they will regret, despond, lose opportunities, waste time, Making a right choice on palm sprout, not trust agent or other persons who have hidden agenda like choosing out own spouse, do not trust the match maker, otherwise you will regret on the rest of your life.

It is a good time to spread to our members or newcomers who think of growing palm.

Why the oil percentage is so important

For normal breeding, it gives oil extraction rate at 19%. It means that when we extract 5.26 kg. Palm fruit, we will get 1 kg. Crude palm oil (CPO).

For Compact breeding, it gives oil extraction rate at 25%. It means that when we extract 4 kg. Palm fruit, we will get 1 kg. crude palm oil (CPO).

Presently, at the oil extraction factories in Krabi Province, they buy palm fruit at 5.30 Baht/ kg. when we compare the cost of normal palm breeding and compact breeding in order to extract 1 kg. crude palm oil (CPO), it will be as following;

Cost of normal breeding (use 5.26 kg. Palm fruit) 5.26x 5.30 = 27.88 Baht

Cost of compact breeding (use 4 kg. Palm fruit) 4 x 5.30 = 21.20 Baht

It is clearly seen that cost of producing 1 kg. crude palm oil (CPO) between normal breeding and compact breeding are different. The difference is 27.88-21.20 = 6.68 baht.

From what we mentioned above, we tried to show you easy profit and loss statement and the differences between bad quality breeding and good quality breeding and how it make profit and loss. Thus, if you are interested, please grab this opportunity as this seeds still exported to us.

Besides concentrating on high production breeding, such breeding will provide high percentage of oil as it will reflect the production cost and how to use the land worthily in order to compete in global market, in the competitive world, we are ready to change and make strong decision (based on ethics and morality as well as the best benefit for the nation) We have to have the creative vision and intention to make the farmer grow the palm integratedly as well as be the leader of this region. Malaysian government saw an important of oil extraction percentage, so it developed the new Nigeria breeding to replace the Yangambi breeding. (It was told last year by one academician)

Presently, Malaysia buys the palm fruit at the rate 6.3 baht/ kg. and the percent of oil extraction is approximately 21 % (28/11/2010)

One Chinese philosopher said that “Everyday is a new day. The fish never swim in the same water”





Best wishes,

(Acting Sub Lt. Wisan Sinthunont)

Managing Director of Sintusate Co., Ltd.

96 Village No. 5, Nakhao Sub-district, Khao Panom District, Krabi Province, 81140

Bangkok bank, Krabi Branch

Account No. 280-3-03388-1

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